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Welcome To 3 Phase Equestrian Center
​Our luxurious equestrian center encompasses approximately 50 beautiful acres of gently rolling hills and large grass turnout paddocks. Our state of the art stabling area includes indoor heated wash racks, large 13x13 stalls with outdoor windows, an equine horse gym, and a glass enclosed 225x325 travelright footing indoor arena. Our elite training program focuses on competition in the equine industry from the Short Stirrup all the way to the Grand Prix. Our training methods for horse and rider have proven successful since 1970. All of our clients receive the utmost care and professionalism for horse and rider. Our sterling reputation in the horse show industry enables both horse and rider to receive the utmost response of our training methods. We are proud of our extensive knowledge of breeding training. Our experience with all types of breeds and training regimens spans through America and all throughout Europe. 

We pride ourselves the quality of our horses for sale in New York, and we trust that you will be satisfied with any of the horses that come from our professional, state-of-the-art equestrian home. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the horse show industry, or to purchase one of our quality European hunter jumper horses for sale, you can contact us by phone or by email. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with whatever horse needs you may have.

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Our premier equestrian facility offers accomodations for horse boarding, training horses, importing and exporting European horses.....
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​At our equestrian center, Angelo Danza brings knowledge and expertise with delivering the finest training to the horses in our......
​Our state of the art stabling area with indoor heated wash racks, large stalls, outdoor windows, equine gym....
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Our Luxurious New York Equestrian Center

Equestrian Trainer, Angelo Danza
330 Peach Lake Road
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